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At the MediSpa, a blood test may be required to diagnose certain conditions or check some bodily functions while taking medication.

A blood test can also be preventative in checking for issues like:

  • Essential health values
  • Risk factors like cardiovascular disease
  • Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels
  • Possible sources of allergies and eczema

Dr. Bela will personally take your blood sample at the MediSpa and send it to the doctor's laboratory for evaluation via a secure courier service. The evaluation time will vary depending on the test, which we'll discuss with you while taking your sample. You can pick up your test results at the MediSpa's reception centre or get them mailed to your postal address (please note that they're not available via email).

Dr. Bela will be available to discuss your test results. The price list for blood tests is also available at the MediSpa reception area.

Type of blood tests we provide: