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In The Hogarth MediSpa we offer a state of the art mole screening technology provided by Dr Bela our resident Dermatologist Consultant, the founder of MelanomaMobil clinic and the comparative mole screening technology behind it.

Skin Cancer Screening & Mole Removal

When we say skin cancer screening we mean checking your skin for both the non-melanoma and the deadly melanoma skin cancer.

We have two different screening services:

Mole check with mole mapping
Mole check without mole mapping


MelanomaMobil is an international skin cancer, mole check and melanoma screening clinic in London’s Harley Street, founded in 2005, and is now available at The Hogarth MediSpa.

The service is based on a unique mole-mapping technology where each and every mole is recorded and assessed by two independent specialists. During the follow-up consultations every mole is compared to its previous state in our evaluation centre, therefore we can judge the biological behaviour of each mole and detect changes that might reveal potential malignant transformations invisible to the naked eye. By the end of 2016 we had completed over 63,000 screenings, detected more than 200 cases of melanomas and more than 700 cases of skin cancer.

If you consider yourself healthy but want peace of mind about your moles or have specific moles that concern you, then do book a MelanomaMobil mole check or screening by calling 020 7111 0874.

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