Medispa covid blog

How The Medispa Has Changed Amidst Covid

During Lockdown, the Medi-spa team were very busy! We continuously discussed treatment protocols and ways to improve our service whilst adhering to all the new advice given by the Government. We have also been voluntarily doing online training and attending various webinars to keep up to date with what is happening in the beauty industry. 


One of the training sessions we did was Infection Control Training in which we revised what we already know about basic pathology, infection control and how to prevent these issues.  

The training was fantastic and very educational. The truth is though, those of us who work at The Hogarth Medi-spa already have many of these systems in place to ensure a sanitary and hygienic environment. This information is not new to us, but it was a great opportunity to revise what we already know. The Medi-spa prides itself on being a hygienic and sanitary environment where you can come to relax and enjoy your treatments.


We have always had gloves and facemasks in place at the Medi- Spa, however you will now notice that we will be wearing full PPE for every treatment. The only exception may be massage treatments where it will be up to the therapist to decide whether they prefer to use gloves to perform the treatment, however this will not increase or decrease safety as we always wash our hands before and after treatment, regardless of whether we wear gloves or not.


We take pride in making sure the treatment rooms are immaculate and sanitary. We change the bedding after every client and replace with newly washed towels and a few layers of couch roll which is then disposed of. All implements used during treatment are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised, and then disinfected using BARBICIDE. Any single use items are then disposed of appropriately. BARBICIDE is an Environmental Protection Agency registered disinfectant, fungicide and Virucide used to disinfect tools and surfaces in medical, clinical and hair/ beauty establishments. 

We do not double dip in wax pots, we use a new spatula every time we dip into the wax and apply to the skin. We use disposable (and recyclable) wooden spatulas to decant products rather than removing from bottles and tubs with fingers. You can guarantee that your treatment is as safe as we can possibly make it. We also clean down everything in the room using a Virucide spray disinfectant and disposable towels/ wipes.


All doors are being left open at the Medispa to reduce contact, with the exception being when you are in the room. 

We have now blocked out 15-30 mins in between each client and we are very lucky to have an amazing cleaning team who come up every 15 - 30 minutes and re-sanitise everything.  

Clients will now be required to wear a mask inside the Medi-spa unless medically exempt. If you are unable to wear a mask, then please bring a visor with you to your appointment instead. Your therapist will personally come down to collect you from our new entrance by the car park when you arrive, as our waiting area is now non operational. Please note, if you are having a pedicure you will be required to wait for polish to dry outside of the spa, you can sit in the outside area of the Airedale bar and café downstairs as we currently are not allowing clients to sit down and wait in the Medispa reception area.  

Currently Facial treatments are not allowed until the 15th of August when the restriction will be reviewed, however, you can be sure that when we are allowed to restart facials, we will continue to make every effort to keep you as safe as possible and provide you with a clean and sanitary environment in which to have your treatments.



Feel free to send us an enquiry via the contact form below or call 020 8747 4746 to book a treatment.