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The Hogarth MediSpa has a wide range of medical and beauty treatments available to both men and women, as well as members and non-members.

Non-surgical Facial aesthetic treatments

Botox, Fillers, skin needling and mesotherapy are available from Dr Bela, Dermatologist, Cosmetic doctor.

CoolSculpting Fat Removal

Fat freezing procedure is the only FDA cleared, non surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise.

Dermatology Consultation

Experts like Dr Bela Horvath can help you with any skin concern you might have with an in-depth dermatology appointment.

Mole Clinic

Our expert Dermatologists Consultant offers mole screenings with or without mole mapping, mole removal and skin cancer screening.

Blood Tests

We offer a comprehensive range of blood tests, including vital tests for sexual health, allergies and post-travel checkups.

Orthotic insoles podiart - A better walk of life

Custom & hand made high quality orthotic insoles made based on a computer examination. The ill foot has a disease-specific projection on the scan. The correction is achieved by flexible rubber pads, those are not only lifting the targeted region, but via proprioceptive effects they train the muscle groups involved.

PronoKal weight loss programme

Doctor led professional ketogenic weight loss programme to achieve up to 7-10kg weight reduction. Furthermore ketosis has its numerous beneficial effects on the body.

Specialist Massages

Put yourself in better shape with our deep-tissue massage services, as well as our sports massage and physiotherapy programme.


Resident Reflexologist, Pui Parmar practices Reflexology aswell as Facial, Hot Stone and Pregnancy Reflexology that can help with a range of ailments.

Medispa Offers

Call us today and find out what amazing offers and deals you can get on your next visit.