Winter skin blog

How To Look After Your Skin in Winter October 27 2020 Our top tips on keeping skin healthy and glowing throughout the cold, drying winter season!

Coolsculpt treat

Coolsculpting: What To Expect in Your First Treatment October 23 2020 If you’re considering CoolSculpting then you might like to know some more details about what you can expect before, during and after your treatment.

Medispa covid blog

How The Medispa Has Changed Amidst Covid August 12 2020 During Lockdown, the Medispa team were very busy! We continuously discussed treatment protocols and ways to improve our service whilst adhering to all the new advice given by the Government.

Acne mask blog

8 Steps To Get Rid of Acne Caused by Wearing a Facemask August 12 2020 As we all do our best to keep the infection rate low, we are noticing a rise in people with acne caused by wearing facemasks and visors. Find out how to combat face mask related acne!

Vita liberata blog

Vita Liberata Promises A Safe Tan This Summer July 21 2020 Summer is here and we are ready to give you that holiday look and feel and give your skin a flawless glow safely within a matter of minutes!

Heliocare blog

Heliocare: The Ultimate in Sun Protection July 21 2020 The whole Heliocare range is packed with ingredients that are scientifically proven to protect against UVA & UVB rays, whist also repairing your cell DNA and preventing premature ageing.

Pui update banner

UPDATE FROM PUI - our Reflexologist June 17 2020 Our resident Reflexologist Pui gives us an update on her re-opening for bookings.

Coolsculpting blog banner

Get Body Confident This Summer with Coolsculpting June 17 2020 If you're not happy with your lockdown 'lumps', find out how the Coolsculpting treatment can effectively help with those stubborn areas of fat!

Staycation facial blog

At-home Professional Facial by Circadia June 17 2020 Professional Skincare brand CIRCADIA introduce their 'Staycation' at home facial kit for you to pamper yourself or a loved one with at home!

Cherie update blog banner

UPDATE FROM CHERIE - our Massage Specialist June 17 2020 Our resident massage therapy specialist, Cherie gives you all an update on how she will be safely re-opening next month.

Medispa healthy skin blog

9 Interesting Facts About Healthy Skin June 17 2020 We've got a few insightful, informative tips to keep your skin looking fresh and young along with recommendations on how exactly to achieve healthy skin.

Pui picture copy

Hand Reflexology Self Treatment Video May 30 2020 Pui shares this gem of a video from the Association of Reflexology as it clearly demonstrates how to stimulate reflex points in the hand to trigger the body’s natural healing response and to aid relaxation.

Jo huff fcaial

Jo Huff during lockdown - including her personal Skin Care Routine May 30 2020 Jo Huff opens up and shares her personal daily skin care routine, time during lockdown and just how much she is looking forward to seeing everyone again!


Virtual Reiki with Cherie May 29 2020 During lockdown, I have been offering online Reiki sessions where we establish a brief visual at the beginning and at the end. My clients have been enjoying the results!

Kellies blog

Get Serious About Your Skincare May 14 2020 Practice Manager, Kellie gives you her top tips in her skincare routine.