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BOTOX® injections placed in certain points relax the targeted facial muscle bundles, resulting in a more natural look with less wrinkles. It has preventative and therapeutic effects without any long term side effects. BOTOX® treatment is the most popular beauty intervention worldwide – not without reason. According to most recent studies it has an antidepressive effect that continues beyond the cosmetic effects of the injection.

Upper face One of the most effective ways to improve your appearance is to smooth out those tell-tale lines and wrinkles. We can help you achieve the results you want, using the very latest products and techniques.

To smooth forehead wrinkles,‘frown lines’ or crow’s feet, we use a substance called Botulinum Toxin - BOTOX®. This has been used safely and effectively for over 25 years.

Lower face
Treatment of smoker lines, depressed mouth corners (DAO), peau d’orange of the chin, platisma bands and hypertrophic masseters are also possible with BOTOX®.

  1 course 3 courses
First area £200 £480
Two areas £260 £624
Three areas £320 £768
Additional areas £60 £144
Male premium £50 £120
Armpits per armpit
(Excessive sweating)
£200 £480

Free top up within one month is included in the price. For multiple areas combined with fillers the prices will be set up individually. Results will last up to 4 months.

General Disclaimer: Results and experience from the treatment may vary from person to person.

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