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Dermatologist, Cosmetic Doctor

After graduating in 1998 at Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest, Dr Bela worked in the National Institute of Oncology's Dermatology department for six years. Here he witnessed the unstoppable progression of the late diagnosed melanoma skin cancer compared to the simplicity of mole checks and early diagnosis. In 2004 he completed his qualification as a specialist of Dermatology with an excellent degree.

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In 2004 he also became a practitioner of Gerson therapy which is a complementary nutritional therapy for chronic diseases like cancer. As a Gerson therapist, he experienced the healing power of proper nutrition.

In 2005 he established the MelanomaMobil clinic based on a unique methodology that compares each and every mole of the patients resulting in the most accurate mole screening service available. The clinic has ten screening locations in Hungary and two in London.

In 2006 Dr Horvath became a licensed practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). He is the medical director of MelanomaMobil which operates with 12 dermatologists, performing roughly 7000 screenings a year. He works in private practice with a teledermatology background that provides the flexibility of giving a second opinion based on clinical images. In this way he is personally involved in the evaluation of hundreds of moles every week.

He joined the MediSpa in 2012 with his beauty therapist wife, Brigi, and established the MediSpa as a joint venture with the Beauty and Massage therapists with the aim of providing evidence based therapies for clients who DO care about their look and health.

Besides general dermatological consultations and mole checks he provides non-surgical Facial Aesthetic treatments as well.

Now, after four years the MediSpa has become a one-stop-shop for many satisfied clients and we work and live as a big family within the Club.

Dr Bela is also a Botox and Dermal Filler trainer and mentor of the Harley Street Elite Academy.

His hobbies are: photography, orienteering, Tae-bo with Noel, mountaineering, music of all sorts and painting.

GMC reg. No.: 7083747

"Sport is very important for me. I am very proud of achievements like 7 hours Tae bo training day with Noel.


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