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I-Pixel is an Erbium YAG 2940 nanometre laser and is one of many handpieces that can be used in conjunction with the Harmony XL Pro system. It is a fractional ablative laser treatment that is incredible for resurfacing the skin, improving texture, reducing scarring and collagen remodelling. Great for reducing and slowing down the signs of ageing.

We have had amazing results and fantastic reviews from clients who have had this treatment, with many of them going on to try some of the other treatments available with the Harmony XL Pro system. It is a great solution to many of the harder to treat concerns and is a fantastic alternative to chemical peels. It is a fast acting, results driven treatment and will give lasting results which can be seen after 1 session!

What can it treat?

This treatment has great results on clients who may suffer from any of the issues listed below;

• Sagging skin
• Scarring
• Stretchmarks
• Pitting
• Acne scars
• Skin Resurfacing
• Textured skin
• Wrinkly décolletage
• Sun damage and age spots

How does it work?

The I-Pixel handpiece is a fractional and ablative handpiece. This means that instead of treating the whole skin surface, as would a fully ablative laser, it treats the area of skin in a pixelated manner, creating tiny perforations in the skin but leaving the surrounding area of skin intact. The fractionated nature of this laser allows for better and much faster healing of the area. The tiny perforations stimulate your skins healing response, leading to increased skin cell turnover, which results in smoother skin, less scarring/ texture and will stimulate your natural collagen production. I-Pixel allows your skin to heal much quicker than a fully ablative laser.

What is the treatment like?

Before your treatment you will fill out a consultation, we will discuss your concerns and we will then take some pictures on our in-house skin scanner so that we can assess your progress.

We will then cleanse and dry the area to be treated and start the treatment. As it is a partially ablative treatment, there is some discomfort, but it is very mild during treatment. After the treatment you will feel a warm feeling on the treated area, like mild sunburn. Anaesthetic cream or numbing is not required for this treatment. The heat sensation lasts a few hours and you can have mild redness after treatment.

Is there any downtime?

The next few days you will experience some dryness as your skin starts to resurface, and you may experience mild flaking. As your collagen is stimulated and skin cells turn over, you will notice areas of baby soft skin start to appear! Within a few days your skin will feel soft, texture will improve significantly, and acne scars will start to reduce. The skin will also feel much tighter.

We usually recommend that you give yourself a few days for the downtime and advise not to wear make- up after treatment. A lot of our clients who have I-pixel for the first time, may have the treatment done on Friday night, let the skin heal over the weekend and then go back to work on Monday. Our Beauty Therapist and Laser Specialist, Nikki has had numerous I-pixel treatments and she has always been fine to go to work the next day, albeit maybe looking a bit red and flaky!!

How many treatments are needed?

We have seen amazing results with just 1 treatment, but some deeper lines, wrinkles and scarring may need a few more treatments for the best results. We usually recommend a course of 3, spaced 4 weeks apart to allow your collagen to regenerate efficiently before the next treatment. The results are long lasting and you can combine this treatment with others from the Harmony System for even better results!


Full Face - £400
Course of 3 - £1000

Half Face - £250
Course of 3 - £600

Small Area - £150
Course of 3 - £350

Stomach - £350
Course of 3 - £900

Other areas of the Body from £300


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before and after skin resurfacing 2

before and after skin resurfacing laser 3

before and after skin resurfacing ipixel laser 4

Please get in contact if you have any of these issues or would like to discuss the treatment further. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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