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What is Facial Reflexology?

Facial Reflexology focuses on the reflex areas on the face.  Similar to Foot Reflexology, by stimulating areas on the face it can help stimulate the body’s healing mechanism.  A poppy seed and Native American healing herb facial oil is used with this treatment which rejuvenates and hydrates the skin.  Facial Reflexology can naturally stimulate collagen and elastin which gives the effect of tighter, plumper-looking skin. 

Because the face is so close to the brain, stimulating the facial reflex points which directly connects to the body’s neuro-pathways can boost the immune system and improve concentration.

How can Facial Reflexology help?

Facial Reflexology can help to: 

• firm facial muscles, reduce/prevent fine lines & wrinkles

• reduce stress and anxiety

• improve lymphatic drainage

• relieve mental strain & improves concentration

• relieve sinusitis & congestion

• relieve headaches & migraines

• treat teeth grinding

• promote healing

Pui Parmar is our resident Reflexologist. If you have any questions or need more information you can contact Pui at reflexology@mailbolt.com or on 07957 656 904


1st treatment & consultation (75mins)     £85

Follow-up treatments (60mins) £75

Course of 6 treatments (normally £460) £420

If you would like to try Facial Reflexology and find out what it could do for you then book a FREE 20mins taster session!

Gift vouchers are available, please contact Pui at reflexology@mailbolt.com or 07957 656 904 for further details.

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Pui's website: https://www.reflexology-massage-london.com/