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What is Hot Stone Reflexology?

Using hot stones in a reflexology treatment, allows the reflex pathways to fully open-up bringing about a deeper sense of relaxation.  Hot stones are used to massage the lower leg to release all tension in the calf muscles which increases energy flow and makes the reflexology treatment itself more effective. Smaller stones are used on the reflex areas on the feet to release blocked areas thereby enhancing the healing process.

How Can Hot Stone Reflexology help?

In addition to all the benefits of a Reflexology treatment, Hot Stones can heighten the level of relaxation achieved during the treatment, and by lowering stress levels prepares the body for healing.

Hot Stone Reflexology can be effective for:

• Reducing stress and anxiety.

Promotes well-being.

• Induces deep relaxation.

• Warms and relaxes muscles in the legs and feet.

• Aids deeper treatment on blocked areas.

• Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

• Releases tension in connective tissue.

Pui Parmar is our resident Reflexologist. If you have any questions or need more information you can contact Pui on reflexology@mailbolt.com or on 07957 656 904

Initial Consultation and Treatment

Duration – 75 minutes
Price - £85

Follow up Consultation and treatment

Duration – 60 minutes
Price - £75


Pay for 6 treatments and save £40 (£420 instead of £460)

If you would like to try Hot Stone Reflexology and find out what it could do for you then book a FREE 20mins taster session!

Gift vouchers are available, please contact Pui at reflexology@mailbolt.com or 07957 656 904 for further details.

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